Andrieu is a Argentine Black and White Tegu. He is almost a year old now and very spirited. He is getting used to being handled and coming out to events. You will see a lot more of him in the coming months!

Bearded Dragon

Nebuchadnezzar, or Nebs for short, is a favourite among all our guests. People will usually spot him sitting atop ReptiGurl's head or on her shoulder when she is out and about. He is a four year old Bearded Dragon who loves strawberries and superworms. He also loves kids and will try his hardest to get to one for pets and cuddles!

We have a newcomer to our W.o.R. family and it's Charlie the red tail boa! He came in as adoption from the unfortunate passing of his previous owner. He is a big sweetheart and love to sit on top of heads and take a nap without a care in the world. He hopes he can snuggle with you one day!

Red Tail Boa

We have some many more reptiles for you to meet so come see us soon!!!!