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World of ReptiGurl

Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagements

Welcome to the wild and wonderful world of ReptiGurl! My name is [Name], and I want to take you on a journey through my business story—from its beginnings in passion, love, and determination, to the present day.

I got started in this industry through my appreciation of animals and environment around me. Having grown up surrounded by them, I felt like it was only natural that I pursue something that I was so passionate about. Before I started this journey, my past was less than ideal - but my future is more komodo dragon than chihuahua. My mother's support helped me find the courage to start my own business, learning as much as I could about reptiles, establish relationships with breeders and other educators… it wasn’t an easy process but it was worth it.

What pushed me forward during those early days was my unwavering commitment to protecting the environment and mental health of all living creatures – including myself! After all, if we don’t look after our planet and ourselves, who will? It has been this same commitment that has kept me going throughout my journey and taken ReptiGurl from strength to strength.

Through running this business I have learned that our pasts do not define us; instead they are indicators of where we can go from here. This understanding has allowed me to take World of ReptiGurl to new heights – continuously growing in knowledge, skills and expertise within the animal kingdom!

So join me on this exciting ride as we dive into a new world filled with wonders galore! Watch along as I document every step of our story – sure to entertain even the most captivated audience who wants to know everything about me. Whether you find yourself answering questions you never knew you had or discovering something brand new each week, this witty fun sassy adventure will be an unforgettable one. Welcome aboard ReptiNation!
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