Scales & Tails

Welcome to the untamed realm of ReptiGurl, the hottest mobile reptile and insect petting zoo on wheels! Brace yourselves for "Scales and Tails," our swanky, brand-new newsletter, custom-made for the coolest cats in the reptile-loving ReptiTribe.

Imagine this: slinky snakes, snazzy chameleons, creepy crawly arachnids, and more – all rolling your way! We're not your grandma's petting zoo; we're a rock 'n' roll reptile experience.

"Scales and Tails" is your VIP pass to a wild ride. Every week, we've got mind-bending quizzes, backstage drama, and jaw-dropping reptile and insect tales to keep you hooked.

Whether you're a reptile aficionado or just looking for some sass in your life, "Scales and Tails" is your ticket to the sassiest reptile and insect party in town! Join the ReptiTribe and let's spice up your world with a dash of reptilian rebellion!

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