Collection: Schools

Calling all teachers, principals, educators and parents! Get your students excited about learning with World of ReptiGurl! Our unique reptile petting zoo experience is the perfect incentive for meeting goals in attendance, reading, behavior - and of course, grades. With a show or HissTent option and our one-of-a-kind SnakeMobile service for more immersive experiences, it's the perfect way to encourage learning at any age.

Our experienced team can bring the world of reptiles right to your doorstep with fun, interactive activities that educate as well as entertain! Praise their achievement with something truly unforgettable, and reward their hard work with an unforgettable experience in nature. Plus, we'll provide you with educational material to help cement the lessons learned throughout each ReptiGurl experience.

Ready to learn? Contact us today and let World of ReptiGurl be your field day dream maker! We'll make learning cool again - with an exciting reptile surprise kids will never forget.